NorthStar™ Key Generator Features

Computer Tested
All NorthStar™ Generators are factory tested to ensure reliable, dependable, and safe operation in the field. The testing is completed by use of automated computerized machinery that checks a minimum of 33 functions. Engine speed is checked three times. All receptacles are checked for correct wiring.

Long Extend Run Times
All extend run NorthStar™ generators have an extra large fuel tank which provide 8 hour run times at 1/2 load. This feature provides the homeowner peace of mind by not having to get up and refuel the generator during the night. Secondly, the extra large tank allows the construction worker the luxury of not having to worry about refueling the jobsite generator every couple of hours. All NorthStar™ fuel tanks have an oversized fill neck to reduce the chance of a refueling spills. All NorthStar™ tanks have an extra drain valve to facilitate drainage of fuel from the tank for long term storage of the generator.

UL Approved Components
All NorthStar™ generators use Underwriter Laboratory (UL) approved components, receptacles, and lead wires. This insures a high level of safety and quality.

All NorthStar™ generators have a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) value less than 6%. Current electronic devices are more sensitive than ever to poor electricity.

High Quality Generator Head
All NorthStar™ generator heads are of the highest quality. The electrical windings are 100% copper. All copper windings are impregnated with a tropicalized epoxy resin to provide insulation and protection of the wires while the generator is operating. All insulation is NEMA Class H which provides superior protection from heat. Heat is a byproduct from the production of electricity.

Superior Overload Protection
All NorthStar™ generator heads can handle a 10% overload for 1 hour every 3 hours.

Premium Engines
All Professional Portable Generators (PPG) use only premium engines such as Honda, Vanguard, and Kohler. Premium engines have cast iron cylinder sleeves, low oil shutdown, superior mufflers, and high quality components used in their construction.

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