NorthStar™ Pressure Washer Features

Gas Powered Pressure Washers
— Unlimited portability
— Higher performance for more industrial applications
— Excellent for cleaning outdoors

Electric Pressure Washers
— Unlimited power source
— Quiet, smooth running
— Excellent for indoor and outdoor cleaning

Axial Pump - Consumer Duty
— Low Cost
— Good performance for the dollar

Triplex Pump - Three plunger pump with many benefits
— Smooth flow with minimal pulsation
— Ability to obtain high pressures
— Long life
— Ideal for industrial applications

2SF, 4SF Pumps - These pumps have the same benefits as triplex pumps plus:
— Manufactured by Cat Pumps
— UNIFLOW design
— Reduced risk of pump cavitation
— Increased pump life

Uniflow Design - provides continuous flow forward through the pump resulting in increased suction capabilities

Cavitation - The shock of thousands of bubbles collapsing inside the pump quickly pitting metal surfaces and seals. Cavitation, also known as starving the pump, is caused by lack of water at the inlet of the pump

Duplex pump
— Less industrial pump
— Ideal for the home owner

Direct Drive - Pump is directly mounted to the engine or motor
— Eliminates extra cost of gearbox, pulleys, belts, etc.

Flexible Couplings - Pump is coupled to motor using couplings with a flexible rubber insert
— Absorbs shock transferred from motor to pump

Gear Box Drive - Pump is mounted to a gear box and then mounted to the motor
— Pump runs slower for longer life

Belt Drive - Pump is coupled to the engine with belts and pulleys. The benefits of a belt drive are:
— Absorbs shock transferred from engine to pump
— Pump runs slower for longer life
— Ideal for heavy industrial use

— Relieves the pressure in the pump when the spray gun is not squeezed

Trapped Pressure Unloader
— Instantly provides maximum pressure
— Relieves pressure only at the pump head maintaining system line pressure
— Long life

Flow Sensitive Unloader
— Eliminates pressure in entire system ( pump, hose, gun etc. ) when gun is not squeezed
— Relieved pressure in hose means it will be less rigid when operating the machine
— Gradually builds up pressure when gun is squeezed
— Eliminates pressure spikes during bypass mode
— Easier to operate in awkward working conditions such as a step ladder

EZ Start Unloader
— Eliminates back pressure in the pump while starting the engine
— Makes pressure washer easier to start
— Less damaging to starter motors on electric start engines

Pressure Washer Frames
— All pressure washer frames have a baked-on powder coat finish for extra durability, corrosion resistance, and chip resistance (excludes vertical pressure washers)
— All pressure washer carts roll on fully pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability on any terrain (excludes vertical pressure washers)

1750 psi Split Lance
— Splits into two pieces for easy storage
— Rubber coated
— Compatible with many accessories

3600 psi Split Lance
— Splits into two pieces for easy storage
— Compatible with many accessories

4000 psi Straight Lance
— Chrome plated
— Gun is rated to 5000 psi Idrojet Nozzle
— Easily change from high to low pressure by pushing nozzle head
— Spray pattern is adjustable from 0-80 degrees by twisting nozzle holder

Q.C. Nozzle System
— Quickly change spray pattern and pressure by inserting new nozzles
— Comes with five nozzles 0,5,25,40 degrees high pressure, and 65 degrees low pressure quick couple nozzles

Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
— Harder material promotes increased engine life

Low Oil Shutdown
— Engine shuts down when oil level is too low (for gas pressure washers only)
— Eliminates risk of engine damage due to insufficient lubrication

GFCI Ground Fault Current Interrupter
— Protects user from accidental electrocution (for electric pressure washers only)

Thermal Protection
— Safeguards pump against overheating
— Hot water is discharged before it can damage the pump

Safety Relief
— Used on units producing pressures of 2000 psi and above
— Provides additional protection in case the unloader fails
— When pressure builds to dangerous levels the valve opens and the pressure is relieved
— Commonly called a “Pop-Off Valve”

Chemical Injection
— All pressure washers feature downstream, low pressure chemical injection
— Includes Suction hose
— No chemicals enter the pump

Hose Quick Couplers
— Leak Free
— Screw type design is safer than standard ball couplers

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